1. Astoria

Astoria is the great melting pot. My Irish ancestors first experienced the American dream there, as have so many immigrants before and since. In a way, Astoria;s story is America's story.


©2017 James Barrens (ASCAP)

Johnny Calabria
Came from the toe of the boot
to the promised land
where he took her hand

Johnny Calabria
Dreamed of a peace and a freedom he’d never known
In his new home

But he loved the taste of stolen whiskey
‘til he learned his lesson in the war,
and he wondered if anyone would miss him
and he wondered what life had in store…

…then he found love
In Astoria
He found love
In Astoria

Maggie Sullivan
Came from the Ring of Kerry
To the promised land
Where she took his hand

Maggie Sullivan
Dreamed of a home and a family of her own
In her new home

Well she cleaned the house of the Protestant woman
And she raised the children there don’t you know
And she wondered if anyone would love her
And she wondered where her life would go…

…then she found love
In Astoria
She found love
In Astoria

They found love
In Astoria